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This Is Who I Am

Hi! I'm Marlene

I'm the youngest of 5; born in the US and raised in Mexico. I grow up in a warm crowded city in Mexico; in 2016 I got married and moved to the beautiful state of Louisiana. My dream was to become a successful clinical psychologist, but a year as a missionary teacher in the Marshall Islands changed my life goals, and now  I hold a degree in teaching. I'm currently a stay-at-home wife and hoping to become a stay-at-home mom soon.  I am happily married to an excellent, fantastic, loving husband. I could not ask for more, God is good.


With this blog, I want to share with you lessons that I have learned and others that I'm still learning. Some of them like cooking, from Mexican cuisine to a delicious Samoan dish. Gardening is my latest passion, I don't how I made it through life without it. Aside from those categories, I also want to share with you travel experiences, family moments and my life as a millennial that goes against the odds. Pausing my career in a city to enjoy the peacefulness of the country as a stay-at-home wife of a Pastor. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and my life experiences, please subscribe to receive the latest updates of this old-fashion country wife. Many blessings to you all!