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  • Marlene

Meet my Garden

Hello y'all! Three months ago we started our first garden at home and it's doing great! My husband and I wanted to start a gardening on spring 2017, but my job as a teacher made it very hard. We read so many books about gardening, but you really have to try it yourself to understand the science behind it. Well, there's really no science you just throw seeds in soil and water them,and nature does the rest. We dogged a bed of 2x15 in the back of the property we rent. I started planting following the instructions and my own instincts (never do that, if it's your first time stick to the instructions only). I planted everything without considering the fact that they will eventually need more space! My husband got on me and I had to pull everything out and replant. Some seeds were so tiny I missed them in the process of replanting, and later on I saw beet seedling all over the garden. I wish I had given my green beans more space to grow and I also wish my lettuce were not too distant from each other. But oh well, there's a first time for everything. We didn't do that bad to be rookies.

I wanted to go wild in my garden, and plant a little bit of everything, but my husband had to remind me that we are just renting and we cannot. If you are renting don't get discourage, talk to your landlord, most of them will let you. But if they don't, I have the solution for you ... Pots! Most plants will do good in pots, you just gotta find the right size for it. To make sure our plants had good drainage we placed rocks (big and small) at the bottom of each pot. Trees will not grow as much in a pot, but they will still do good and bear fruit. This is a picture of my lime tree, and as you can see we have plenty of limes so far.

Here is a bunch of pictures of all my plants in pots, most of them are herbs, but I also have some flowers and a Japanese magnolia tree. I love to eat the leaves right after I watered them, they're just so fresh and crunchy. Be careful when you plant herbs together in a same container, some of them may grow much bigger and faster and crowd the other ones. I planted mint, parsley and oregano in one long container, and my poor parsley was looking very yucky. I replanted the mint and oregano in separate containers and left the parsley with cilantro, and my parsley just grew incredibly! by the way, we made an excellent tabbouleh out of it.

Mint is the real bully, and a very invasive plant.

This is my garden, I hope you enjoyed. Please send me pictures of yours, let me know what work for you and what didn't. I'd love to learn from you!